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Devon requires more people working in healthcare roles to meet the care demands in the coming years. However, we face significant workforce challenges in primary care with an ageing workforce and recruitment difficulties. We therefore need to support the workforce pipeline. This means more students and more placement opportunities for nursing, allied health profession, pharmacy students and others. Devon Training Hub is working collaboratively across professions, universities, professional bodies, and stakeholders to address the historical lack of student exposure to primary care and placement capacity.

So, how might your practice benefit from facilitating student placements?

  • Exposure to Primary Care as students will improve workforce pipeline​
  • Opportunity to influence future clinical workforce and their practice​
  • CPD opportunity for staff, encourages reflection on practice​
  • Financial reimbursement – approx. £120 pw per student
  • Increases learners’ understanding of Primary Care
  • Mutual learning – from and with student​s
  • Provides closer working links to other areas of practice, promoting inter-professional learning​
  • Can be energising and fun!

If you would like to know more about facilitating student placements, please contact Jane Wells, DTH CEO –

Nursing student – Hartland and Bradworthy

Physio Leadership placement in Primary Care

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