Multi-professional placements in PCNs (Growing multi-professional learning environments in Devon’s Primary Care Networks)

The aim of this project is to create and test multi-professional learning environments for Allied Health Profession (AHP) and nursing students in Devon’s PCNs. The project will continue the work commenced within the scope of the CPEP’s Collaborative Supervision Model pilot and link closely to the developmental work of the Learning and Development Centre’s work relating to the creation of new Approved Learning Organisations.

The plan is to undertake pilots within Primary Care through two models. The first model is the traditional placement model, where learners from different professions will work together within a PCN on a project, such as a case study. The second model is a Health and Wellbeing clinic, where multiple learners from different professions will work together to provide patients within a PCN the opportunity to attend a health and wellbeing clinic. Students will be supervised by an onsite supervisor or a Long Arm Supervisor. The rationale for these models are that health professionals benefit from learning from and with each other in order to understand their differing roles within an integrated care system.

Any PCNs who are interested in being part of these exciting pilots, please contact Stacey Owen on or 07493730888

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