Non-Medical Prescribing

Non-medical prescribing (NMP) is the term used to describe any prescribing completed by a healthcare professional other than a doctor or dentist.

What are the benefits to non-medical prescribing?

NMP has an important role to play in transformation of services and therefore programmes to provide training to eligible healthcare professionals are essential to meet the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. NMP has demonstrated great impact for patient care in terms of access, expertise and economic benefit. Consequently, investing in NMP is seen as ‘an investment to save’ and encouraging NMP capacity is seen as a vital upskilling priority and features as a key enabler in the planning and delivery of new care models and transforming care.

NMP training can support role and career development by enabling practitioners to take on greater responsibilities for managing patient care. NMP enhances patient care by supporting patients’ timely access to treatment with medicines, enabling choice whilst helping to reduce waiting times, reduce hospital admissions and maximising the wider skills of the healthcare team ( NHSE)

The Department of Health specify which registered professionals can become non-medical prescribers. At present the eligible professionals included are:

-Independent and supplementary prescribers

– Nurses/Midwives

– Pharmacists

– Physiotherapists

– Podiatrist

– Paramedics

– Optometrists

– Therapeutic Radiographers

Supplementary prescribers only

– Diagnostic Radiographers

– Dieticians


NHSE funding for Non-Medical Prescribing places for this year, 2024-25, has now been confirmed.

Professions eligible to apply for funding:- Registered Nurse/ Pharmacist/ Paramedic/ Dietician /Podiatrist    

If you wish to be considered for this funding via DTH, please click on the link below to access the application form. This link will close on April 30th, 2024.

If your application is successful, you will receive a decision by the end of May 2024.

Please note – this is an application for funding only , if successful you will then be required to apply directly to the University (NB funding is only available for the NMP programme through UWE) . There are a limited number of funded places available, your place is not guaranteed, if successful you will receive an email from us confirming that you have funding, you will then be required to apply separately to UWE .If you are working at or towards an Advanced level of practice, you will undertake this course at level 7, Masters Level.

Please contact if you have any queries.

For further information on the course at UWE please see the webpages

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