Devon GP Wellbeing Programme

Devon-wide initiative to support GPs under stress

In response to the increasing pressure that GPs are under, Devon ICB is collaborating with partners from across Devon to offer a new programme of support for GPs, aimed identifying and supporting doctors under stress before their health or performance suffers. 

You will now be able to access to a range of new support services, including wellbeing focused coaching, one-off professional support and wellbeing sessions and mindfulness training.  Of course, you will still be able to access all the existing services (such as the Practitioner Health Programme and support from the LMC).

In addition, under this new initiative GP appraisers are being encouraged to explore wellbeing with their appraisees, and are being provided with the guidance and resources to do this in a sensitive and supportive way. Please use your appraisal as an opportunity to reflect upon and prioritise your own wellbeing.

We are all increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of our GP colleagues. We know what fantastic work you all do, and the pressure you’re under. It’s completely understandable to feel stressed at this difficult time for the NHS, and it’s ok not to be ok. All we ask is that if you’re not ok, please do something about it: talk to colleagues, seek out the support you need. Help is available. If you’re having a difficult time, we believe that accessing support can make all the difference.

If you would like to know more about this programme, please email

If you would like to access support or signpost someone to us, please email

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