What is RESTORE2™?

RESTORE2™: Recognising and escalating deterioration in residents

RESTORE2™ stands for: Recognise early soft-signs, Take observations, Respond, Escalate. The tool has been designed to help care and nursing professionals to:

·         Recognise when a resident may be deteriorating or at risk of physical deterioration

·         Act appropriately according to the resident’s care plan to protect and manage the resident

·         Obtain a complete set of physical observations to inform escalation and conversations with health professionals

·         Speak with the most appropriate health professional in a timely way to get the right support

·         Provide a concise escalation history to health professionals to support their professional decision making

The British Geriatrics Society (BGS) recently released a new guide, COVID-19: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes, offering key recommendations to help all care home staff and the NHS staff who work with you to support residents through the epidemic.

One of these recommendations advises staff in care homes in the practice of taking vital signs to use the RESTORE2™ tool to recognise deterioration in residents, measure vital signs and communicate concerns to healthcare professionals.


As a recognised tool, RESTORE 2™ is a useful resource at this time as it can help care professionals spot deterioration from COVID-19 related illness or recognise non-COVID-19 related deterioration and act to decrease avoidable hospital admissions.

Together the South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN), Torbay Council, Devon County Council, and Devon Training Hub are working to enhance the confidence of care home staff in detecting and appropriately escalating deteriorating residents by providing facilitated online training in RESTORE2™.

For information on the free facilitated online training in RESTORE2™click here