RESTORE2™ resources for primary care

RESTORE2 training for clinical staff in PC Devon -

Familiarization powerpoint for GP and clinical staff (e.g practice nurses, paramedics). Available from Devon Training Hub and/or CCG. 
For GPs to familiarize themselves with  RESTORE2 and the care provider training taking place in their patch.  To start thinking about how they as a GP practice want to use the tool. For GP's

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RESTORE2 training for non-clinical staff in PC Devon-

Training package for GP non-clinical staff e.g receptionists. Powerpoint delivered by trainer.
For non-clinical GP staff to have a greater awareness of the RESTORE tool,  the care provider training taking place in their patch and how to understand and action RESTORE tool information they may start to receive from care providers using the RESTORE tool. For Receptionists and Practice Managers

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