Paramedics in Primary Care

PiPC is a new and exciting workforce development pathway for paramedics which uses a collaborative approach between Ambulance Trusts, GP practices and Health Education Training Hubs.  The programme supports paramedics through a part-time 3 year Advanced Clinical Practice compliant MSc pathway to become safe, competent and confident clinicians in the primary care sector.

PiPC is unique amongst some ACP programmes as it provides Ambulance based Paramedics with access to Primary Care placements so that they can develop the skills and experience to support cross sector advanced practice portfolio careers.  With the focusses on practical experience as well as academic achievement, PiPC Trainees undertake a day of GP practice placement per week and support their academic learning in their own time via a fully distance learning ACP Masters. Find out more.

PiPC is a proof of concept project and as such is subject to constant review and amendment.