cervical cytology samples taken in your practice will transfer to Severn Pathology North Bristol NHS Trust. This will be effective for all samples taken on the 19th November onwards.

ALL cervical samples sent to Severn Pathology will undergo testing for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in the first instance (HPV primary screening). The result of the HPV test determines whether or not cytology screening is also carried out.

The method of collecting the samples for HPV primary screening is unchanged, but it is important that you inform all patients who attend for cervical screening from the effective date, that their sample will be tested for HPV, and explain the significance of a negative or positive HPV result

Patients can be assured that HPV primary screening with cytology triage where appropriate is more sensitive than screening by cytology alone. The NHS will implement HPV as a primary screening test for the whole of England by December 2019

Training packs will be issued as part of this communication, these include the testing protocol which can be used to inform patients of their management within the screening programme.

These packs include a sign off sheet to ensure the packs have been received. These should be returned to Jayne.stewart@nhs.net and lynne.benton@nhs.net

For more information please see:


or speak to your Cervical sample taker training lead.

For laboratory queries please contact the Cytology department at Severn Pathology on 0117 414 9810.

Katherine Hunt, , Lead Biomedical scientist, Cytology

Dr Karin Denton  Lead Cytopathologist