Our Offer to PCN's

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How can Devon Training Hub support your Growth and Development as a PCN?

Team Building and Organisational Development

We have access to a range of experienced facilitators who can provide full or half day sessions. The sessions will be planned according to your network maturity and relationships to achieve your desired outcomes.

Contract management

 Everything you need to know about managing contracts: bid writing, quality assurance, legal issues, data sharing, managing expectations.

Purchasing, Procurement and Recruitment

 How does this work at Network level?  Opportunities, Threats, Legal and Tax implications of working as a network, and Options for Organisational Form.

 Workforce planning

 Our DTH Workforce Project lead and our GP Workforce Fellows are keen to work with all 31 PCNs to help identify your particular Network and population needs.  We can offer workforce planning Masterclasses, together with Public Health, to enable Network Managers and Clinical Directors to develop their own Workforce Planning skills.  We will support the development of Primary Care Workforce groups in four areas.  We can support you in fulfilling the workforce elements of the PCN DES. 

 Training Needs Analysis

 Practices know how to analyse training needs for their own teams, but how do we analyse training needs for a network in order to meet the needs of the future population?  This could be part of a series of Workforce Planning Masterclasses as mentioned above.

 Workforce – Improving the Supply Chain

 We will provide a Masterclass to help PCNs improve the supply chain of staff into Primary Care, exploring the benefits, options and practicalities for delivering Work Experience, Apprenticeships, Supervised Internships and other placements.

 Strategic Planning

 Taking Strategic Planning to the next level.  How to develop strategic plans in a rapidly changing, sometimes chaotic environment.  We can offer Masterclasses, 1-2-1 Executive Coaching and Facilitated Action Learning Sets for Individual PCNs or groups of PCN Managers and Clinical Directors.

 Business Continuity Planning across a PCN

 A workshop to enable a PCN to work through the elements of a Business Continuity Plan and agree a joint Business Continuity Plan.

 Multi-disciplinary Introduction to Primary Care

 A workshop to introduce staff from all disciplines into working in Primary Care

And Finally…

We are aware that there is a confusing array of offers of training and development, conferences and toolkits being offered to PCNs. Our offer is specifically quite practical and designed to avoid duplication. Please use the 'Expression of Interest' page that we have created -  https://www.devontraininghub.co.uk/expression-interest/ - to register your interest for any of the courses outlined above.

If your Primary Care Network or group of Networks identify any other needs please let us know. We are all learning about how to work in this new and constantly changing world, so our offer has to be flexible to match that.  Devon Training Hub is here to support you. Tell us what you need.

Please contact us with your ideas devon.traininghub@nhs.net, call us 01752 431533 or fill in the free text area on the Expression of Interest Form.

We look forward to hearing from you!