“Multi-disciplinary Research opportunities in Primary Care”

Dr Daisy Robinson, Primary Care Research Associate, South West NIHR CRN & GP Education Lead (North/NTPF) Devon Training Hub

Formal clinical academic pathways are competitive and demand a long term time and career commitment alongside clinical work.

There are plenty of other opportunities to develop skills and experience in primary care research and to develop this interest in Devon and the South West as part of a portfolio career.

Learning Opportunities & Online Courses

·       Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research (FREE) https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/clinical-research 

·       NIHR Learn https://learn.nihr.ac.uk/ (FREE) - including

o   What is the NIHR/CRN?

o   NIHR Introduction to Clinical Research

o   ‘Good Clinical Practice’ (GCP is essential if you want to directly support study delivery in any clinical setting including your GP practice)

o   Resources: Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Technology etc


Involving your practice in supporting primary care-based research studies

·       Sign up to the South West CRN Research Site Initiative Scheme

·       Obtain RCGP Research Ready accreditation https://www.rcgp.org.uk/clinical-and-research/our-programmes/research-facilitation-and-support/research-ready-self-accreditation.aspx

·       Join Primary Care Academic Collaborative (PACT) https://sites.google.com/nihr.ac.uk/pact/  who offer opportunities for GP trainees to support research delivery in practice settings


Speak to local ‘Research Champions’

·       Dr Lisa Gibbons  – can link you in to Lead Investigators/studies, and support applications for Primary Care Research Associate posts with NIHR

·       Dr Jack Edmund (Yealmton MC) & his work with PenCLARC

·       Dr Polly Duncan (PACT) on developing a portfolio career and involving trainees https://www.nihr.ac.uk/blog/research-ability-to-change-practice-improve-care-and-learn-more/25786

·       Research Active practices & PCNs (a couple of examples below but in all four localities)

o   Litchdon & Fremington MC (Northern)

o   Chudleigh MC & Claremont MC (Eastern)


If you’d like any more information/contact info please feel free to email me – daisy.robinson@nhs.net