The Devon Training Hub, working jointly with the Schools of Primary care are advertising a one session per week, 12-month educator fellowship in North Devon to work with their local VTS to offer near-peer support for doctors in training, with a focus on supporting international medical graduates and the ED&I agenda. This represents an opportunity for newly qualified GPs (with recent experience of UK GP training) with an interest in education to further develop their skills and remit. Lived experience or understanding of being an international medical graduate would be desirable.

A written report on your outcomes will be required to be discussed with your line manager and shared with the Heads of School and Training Hub leads at the mid-way point and end of your fellowship.

The role attracts a salary at GP00 sessional rate.

There are several elements to the structure of these fellowships

Working with local GP patch training schemes

The fellow will work with their local TPDs to support the doctors in training (DiTs), develop their educational skills and be involved in developing solutions for this particular area of focus in the GP programmes:

Evidence highlights the importance of informal support, networking and relationships to address the impact of Differential Attainment. These near-peer fellowships have been designed to enable IMG DiTs to meet informally at supported drop-in sessions which are run separately from the half day release course /regular GP teaching (HDRC). IMG-near peer fellows are uniquely placed to facilitate, support and guide local groups of IMG DiTs as well as signpost to SW other options including the WT&E SW IMG network. 

Activities within the local GP training patch will include the following:

  • Local GP training patch Induction: meet with lead representatives to explore and develop understanding of GP training functions; how they’re set up & what activities they are involved with, including those relating to existing IMG trainee GPs
  • Provision of Drop-in sessions for IMG DiTs as above
  • Support of delivery of teaching on education days
  • Involvement in developing teaching practice to address the issue of Differential Attainment
  • Line management by patch AD or senior TPD

Working to support the Regional ED&I programme

Appointed fellows will be expected to work with the AD for ED&I to help support delivery of the Regional ED&I Programme which includes the following.

  • ED&I induction Programme
  • Support for Exams programme

Engagement with Devon Training Hub

Fellows will be expected to link with their local Training Hubs and activities/ opportunities will include the following:

  • Training Hub Induction: meet with TH representatives to explore and develop understanding of TH functions; how they’re set up & what activities they are involved with, including those relating to post-CCT IMG GPs
  • Attendance at Training Hub “Oversight” boards to include updating the board on matters relating to this Fellowship post.
  • Employment matters related to contract of employment
  • Opportunities to engage with TH local and regional fellow opportunities and support networks.

The fellowships have been designed to provide education & leadership developmental opportunities for those appointed. There will be the following CPD universal offers:

  • Access to Principles of Primary Care with University of Exeter (UoE) credit bearing modules
  • Expectation to attend modules 1-3 of Clinical Supervisor Support
  • Central offer of opportunity to attend courses from UoE, for example mentoring and coaching skills (part of UoE PGCert Clin Ed), principles of PC/ Cert med ed modules.

The closing date for applications for this post will be 26th February, with a view to interviews in the following week. To submit an application please provide an up-to-date copy of your CV along with a covering letter detailing your suitability for the role and which location you are applying for.

Please email your application to

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