SHED is is comprised of Sentinal Healthcare, Haytor Health, Exeter Primary Care, and Devon Health. The following bullet points show the advantages of having this collaboration across the South West.

  • SHED represents a highly motivated and responsive Primary Care Network, working collaboratively together covering the whole Peninsula, yet having that essential local knowledge and ownership required to meet the needs of their local Primary Care workforce.
  • SHED represents every practice across Devon, no other provider lead network does this.
  • SHED organisations run primary care services across the Peninsula and know what training needs to be delivered as well as what workforce is required to do this.
  • SHED have already set up successful education and learning networks and can demonstrate a proven track record in respect of these services.
  • There is an extensive network covering clinicians, federations, CCGs, local authorities, education establishments, LMCs, LPCs, Trusts which we will bring together to deliver and enhance this programme.
  • SHED are the organisations that would support the placement of clinical workforce trainees in primary care.
  • SHED are able to coordinate this across the Peninsula to provide more flexibility in placements.
  • This means that not only can training be delivered at scale but also successfully respond to local needs and ensure consistency of training.
  • The benefits of SHED working together allows coordination a single service reflecting local needs.
  • There will be a team of clinicians coordinating this network across the geographical boundaries of North and East Devon and Southern Devon. This will provide consistency of service and provide continuity in the system whilst allowing training to reflect the local needs.
  • These clinicians will be supported by administrators who will coordinate meetings, bookings and certifications.
  • The network will meet regularly to set courses, survey primary care, ensure continual development of the programme and audit quality.