Cathy Rant

cathy_rant.jpg I am a project worker on the Clinical Placement Expansion Programme (CPEP). My role is to support Social Care organisations to provide placements for healthcare students. I also support the non-registered workforce with training needs so they can support student nurses, and other student allied health care professionals, with their vast experiences and knowledge. 

I am a Negistered nurse of 30 plus years. The past four years I have spent as a CQC Nominated Individual and Registered Manager of a 25 bedded care home. Prior to this I have taught and managed in a Further Education College and worked, for twelve years, in an NHS community hospital. 

In my spare time I ride my horses, milk goats, look after sheep, chickens, geese and ducks and veggie produce in our 45 foot poly tunnel.  I have two wonderful dogs, a Doberman and a Vizsla and a husband (also wonderful!)  who helps with all of the above and cooks! 

Training, development and opportunities within social care have always been my passion. The sector is full of wonderful experienced staff who achieve the most amazing outcomes and care for people they look after. Being part of the CPEP programme means we get to advertise this to students and facilitate their degree programme with a wonderful insight into social care.