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Primary Care in the future will need a new system of coherent, locally managed but centrally assured educational governance eventually encompassing all training and education in primary care. The establishment of Devon Community Education Provider Network (“CEPN”) in 2016 was the start of that process. Devon CEPN changed its name to Devon Training Hub in 2019 in line with guidance from Health Education England, bringing all training hubs around the country into line.

Our vision is to be recognised as the go-to training, education and development hub for the Devon Primary Care Workforce and we aim to develop and empower the Devon Primary Care Workforce through accessible quality education and training programmes, so they can meet the evolving health and wellbeing needs of the population of Devon.

The role of Devon Training Hub is to bring together education and training in Primary and Community Care within Devon to:

  • Assist you in planning your PCN and the wider STP/ICS workforce;
  • Help develop capacity for training in your PCN;
  • Support your educators to help make your PCN ‘the best place’ to learn;
  • Help retain your GP and Primary Care workforce at all stages of their career;
  • Coordinate education programmes to support your service delivery ambitions;
  • Help you introduce and embed new staff roles;
  • Help support your GP and Primary Care workforce at all stages of their careers;
  • Support the continued professional development of your staff.

Devon Training Hub is a collaboration of Primary Care across Devon.  Devon Training Hub covers all of the practices in the County of Devon, and extends to other healthcare providers such as pharmacies, care homes, hospices, dental practices and community based services.

Anyone who provides healthcare services in Devon may become a member of the Training Hub. Join Now

Devon Training Hub is a collaborative approach of the provider networks across Devon to assist with, and tackle some of the challenges that may lie ahead:

  • We are working extensively with Cornwall Training Hub and Somerset Training Hub in order to ensure we have a delivery vehicle capable of servicing Devon and border areas. We also meet regularly with Training Hubs across the South West.
  • We are working with Devon Doctors, Public Health, Acute Trusts, HEIs, LMC, LPC, LOC and LDC.
  • We are able to work at a single practice level, at a PCN level, at a Devon level or across the whole of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, please contact the team on 07780 901637 or via email at devon.traininghub@nhs.net